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Do you want to tackle a fun run and train under the guidance of World Champion marathon runner Rob de Castella, all while supporting Indigenous health?


If so, the Indigenous Marathon Project's Footprints fundraising program is just what you have been looking for!


Not only will we help you to choose an event to take on, we will set you up with a training information kit from Rob himself, reward you along the way with prizes for reaching your fundraising milestones, and make sure that you get across the finish line.

The funds you aise will assist IMP to find champions and create role models that inspire Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to live an active, healthy lifestyle and decrease the instance of preventable disease.

Whether you are taking on your very first fun run, or are a seasoned marathon runner, Footprints gives you the chance to raise vital funds and change the lives of Indigenous Australians through running.


So if you want:


 - Free training advice from Rob de Castella


 - Rewards such as t-shirts, drinks bottles and running shoes, and


 - Support to get you across the finish line


Sign up to Footprints today simply by clicking on the 'start fundraising' button. If you need some help to choose an event to take on, just gives us a call on (02) 6162 4750 or click here.

Good luck!


Upcoming Fundraising Events

Featured Fundraiser - 
Ayesha Razzaq

What better way to celebrate your 40th than running 42km! Ayesha Razzaq, pictured far left with running and fundraising supporter, Mahani - also turning 40 - will run the 2014 New York Marathon in a quest to raise $42,195 for IMP; to match the marathon distance.


       Featured Event         
30km final run
alice springs

After three months, it comes down to this run - the final 30km test run in Alice Springs on Sunday 28 September! The runners who finish the run will book their entry into the world famous New York Marathon. It's an incredible achievement, given most of the runners only started three months ago! You can show your support - click the image below to find out more.

Wish Ayesha a Happy Birthday by making a small contribution to her fundraising efforts.                                                           Donate now!

  Featured IMP runner
Georgia Gleeson - 2013 squad

Crossing the finish line of a marathon is just the start of a new journey for IMP runners.  They return to their communities to inspire the future of Indigenous people and share the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Georgia Gleeson, finished the New York Marathon in 2013, is now a fully qualified personal trainer and has spread the running bug to local Indigenous women in her home town of Queanbeyan.

Georgia trained the women for their first ever 5km run at the Mother’s Day Classic in Canberra in May. 

She was overwhelmed by the dedication the women showed to their training.

“I had good attendance from the start right through to the end. The women vary in age, from 23 to 52. They are mothers and grandmothers, some who couldn’t run 90 seconds to start with and can now run a full 30 minutes.

“One lady suffers from asthma, depression and anxiety, and another has Rheumatoid arthritis.

It has been an absolute privilege to train these women,” she said.

Georgia holds regular fitness groups in Queanbeyan and is dedicated to continuing to share the importance and benefits of adopting an active and healthy lifestyle.