Do you want to tackle a fun run and train under the guidance of World Champion marathon runner Rob de Castella, all while supporting Indigenous health?


If so, the Indigenous Marathon Foundation's Footprints fundraising program is just what you have been looking for!


Not only will we help you to choose an event to take on, we will set you up with a training information kit from Rob himself, reward you along the way with prizes for reaching your fundraising milestones, and make sure that you get across the finish line.

The funds you raise will assist IMF to find champions and create role models that inspire Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to live an active, healthy lifestyle and decrease the instance of preventable disease.

Whether you are taking on your very first fun run, or are a seasoned marathon runner, Footprints gives you the chance to raise vital funds and change the lives of Indigenous Australians through running.


You will recieve the following benefits:


- Free training advice from Rob de Castella

- A unique and exclusive IMF Supporter's Singlet 

- Chance to meet IMP Graduates and current Squad members and other IMF supporters

- Fundraising tips and access to 

 - Support to get you across the finish line


Sign up to Footprints today simply by clicking on the 'start fundraising' button. If you need some help to choose an event to take on, there are over 10 running events across the country that you can choose IMF as the chairty to raise funds for, otherwise just give us a call on (02) 6162 4750 or click here.

Good luck!


Upcoming Fundraising Events

The Canberra Times Marathon Festival
26 April 2020, Virgin Money London Marathon 


FEATURED IMP ambassador runners 


2020 TCS New York City Marathon



2019 Boston Marathon


Boston Strong. This powerful slogan reverberated around the world following the Boston Marathon bombings in April 2013.  To me, the words Boston Strong signal determination, purpose, resilience and community strength - values that also reflect the objectives of the Indigenous Marathon Foundation (IMF).  I have been a passionate supporter of IMF for the past five years.  This health promotion charity uses running to celebrate Indigenous resilience and achievement.


When Australian former world champion marathon runner Robert de Castella approached me with a charity bib, and asked me to help raise money to send two incredible Indigenous women to the 2019 Boston Marathon, it was a no-brainer.

Our first runner, Emma, lives in the small and remote community of Jabiru in Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory.  Emma ran the Boston Marathon in 2013 but was taken off the course at the 40km mark after the horrific terrorist bombs exploded.  Emma feels she has "unfinished business" and has set her sights on crossing the finish line this year.


Our second runner, Loren, lives in Darwin, and is a single mother of three children - two of them autistic.  Six months ago, Loren was unable to run further than 500m so the challenge to take on 42.2km is a true test of her character.  She plans to blog about the experience that is taking her well out of her comfort zone to set a strong example for others who may be hesitant about taking on new challenges.


Both women are training in the heat and humiditiy of the Northern Territory - further testament to their drive, determination and commitment.  I will be mentoring these incredible women along the way; supporting the change they know is so desperately needed in their communities.


Through my experiences with IMF, I have been delighted to witness the long-term results the program has delivered to those who've taken part in marathons.  Many have overhauled their physical and mental health, set and achieved major goals and inspired others in their communities to do the same.


My hope is that the IMF 2019 Boston Marathon experience provides both Emma and Loren a chance to build theri confidence and prove to themselves that they can achieve whatever they set their minds to.

Please support me, and by doin so support this great cause.  Together we can help these women, and their communities, be unstoppable.

Many thanks







2018 new york city marathon
Support Runner
Chris Christis




In October 2017, I attended a fundraising dinner hosted by last year’s corporate runner for the Indigenous Marathon Project, Suzie Hoitink. What a life-changing event it was for me. I didn't expect to be so moved and humbled by the amazing journeys that last year’s participants had taken - 12 inspirational young men and women (many of whom had come from remote communities).


So when Suzie and Ayesha Razzaq (CEO of ActewAGL and 2015 IMP corporate runer) tapped me on the shoulder halfway through dinner and asked if I would like to be the 2018 corporate runner, I agreed instantly.

A week later, I was sitting with Robert de Castella, having a coffee and feeling truly privileged to be part of the program.

I consider myself to be a proud Australian, yet found myself with very little knowledge of the challenges facing Indigenous people. I have learnt much since that night.

Taking part in any marathon, let alone the New York City Marathon, has long been an ambition of mine. I have been fortunate enough to be able to mentor many individuals throughout my corporate career, whether that is with work/life balance, fitness commitments or within my running group.

I hope to apply this passion to help the 12 young Indigenous participants to make a difference. What they will do and learn will change entire communities. They will become agents of change through an incredible journey of education, commitment and empowerment, supported by Rob and his team. Being a part of this process as the IMP’s corporate runner is an enormous responsibility that I embrace with enthusiasm.

An endeavour like this needs funding, and while I will be financing my own journey to the New York City Marathon, I am asking for any donation you can make. It isn’t about the running, the running is simply the vehicle for change. Please help us to enable this transformation in the lives of Indigenous families and communities, which ultimately lifts us all as Australians.

Thank you.



Any donation, big or small, would be very much appreciated. Donations are tax deductible.