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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Footprints?

Footprints is a fundraising campaign aimed at raising money for the Indigenous Marathon Foundation (IMF). IMF hopes to inspire thousands of Indigenous men, women and children to lead an active, healthy life, but in order to do this, we must overcome may obstacles, one of the most prevalent being funding.


Your help can go a long way, for example:


- $1000 can cover one athlete's airfare from a remote community to attend a training camp;


- $2500 can assist one athlete to complete their Certificate III in Fitness;


- $5000 can cover the expenses of sending one athlete to New York to run the New York Marathon;


- $10,000 can provide a scholarship to one past athete to assist with employment and help further their running.


How do I support Footprints and IMF?

It’s simple. All you have to do is chose an event to take part in – it can be anything from a marathon to a community fun run or walk, or any other personal challenge such as a swimming event, or a weight loss challenge. Once you have chosen your event, simply click on the ‘start fundraising’ link on the Footprints home page, create your profile, tell your family and friends and start fundraising.



Where does the money I raise go?

All money raised through the IMF Footprints campaign goes directly towards our leadership scholarship program to assist past and present IMP Graduates and runners involved with the Project to further their education, help them to attend running camps and events, and to develop local walking and running groups and events. This will in turn enable our athletes to educate and empower other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to live an active, healthy lifestyle, and decrease instances of preventable disease. Alternatively, if you wish to sponsor a specific athlete, please contact our office to find out how.



Will I be supported along the way?

Yes, you will receive as much support as you need from the IMF team along the way to get you to the start line, and more importantly the finish line of your chosen event. We will provide you with a copy of our training bible that can help you with heaps of tips and hints on training, race preparation and nutrition. You can also sign up to our Marathon Club simply by visiting our website. Here you will not only find hints and tips on training and preparation, but you can be part of an online forum where you can chat to other runners and ask the IMF staff any questions that you have about your training.



What do I get for signing up to raise money for IMF?

When you sign up to Footprints, we will get you started by sending you a copy of our training bible that has lots of hints and tips, as well as sample training programs. We can also set you up with a basic training program if you need help getting started. We will email you regularly along the way to check how your training and preparation is going. As an exclusive gift, all fundraisers will receive an IMP supporter singlet or t-shirt (your choice!) and you might even get the chance to meet some of our Indigenous runners at running events across the country.



Can I get a deductible gift receipt for my donation?

Yes. For any donation above $2, you will automatically receive a tax receipt from GoFundraise upon making your donation.



How do I get my hands on some IMP running gear?

IMP running merchandise is available and the range includes visors, shirts and singlets. To make an order, please contact Communication and Fundraising Manager, Kellie O'Sullivan on or (02) 6162 4750.



Do I have to run a marathon to raise money for IMF?

No, you can do any event you like. It can be a local fun run or walk, or even a swimming event or personal challenge such as weight-loss. You don't even have to compete in an event to raise money for IMP. If you wish to make a once off donation, just contact our office and we can help you.



What are other ways I can support IMF?

There are a number of ways to support the Indigenous Marathon Foundation – it doesn’t have to be financial. As we are a non-profit organisation, as are always on the look-out for people to help us along the way. For example, many of our runners require the use of gyms, and physios to keep their bodies in shape. if you think you have a service that can help our runners, give us a call to have a chat about ways that you can help.



If you have any further questions about Footprints, or the Indigenous Marathon Foundation please email: or call our office on (02) 6162 4750.